Which Agent Do I Call?


This graphic is a great example of what happens to a home that is for sale in today's tech-loving world. A home is listed with a selling agent and then is quickly disbursed to hundreds of sites and can be easily found for the prospective buyer. This is very convenient for both buyer and seller! The sellers home is reaching more prospective buyers than ever before and the buyers are able to get notifications the minute a home hits the market that meets their requirements. 
Buyers now have the ability to browse for their dream home from a multitude of sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com that show homes and properties for sale in a certain geographic location from all the listing agents. Really convienent for the prospective buyer and confusing as well! Who do I call to show me the home I just saw? The agent that is selling the property? The agent that I have been using? The agent who I saw on the ad on the website? Prospective buyers should call the agent that they have been working with to show them the property that they're interested in. Your agent knows you, your needs and your wants. It's perfectly acceptable to have your agent show you a home that is listed with another agent. Additionally, it is of utmost importance that you're with an agent that you trust and have that personal relationship with.  
While the speed in which we get information is getting quicker, the value of human relationships will never be outdone.